What Up, Cuz?

The cousins are rejoined by Erin and Mikey to talk about Evan, frozen dogs, '80's porn, McGruff the Crime Dog and Brad Paisley's "Accidental Racist." "You have 'em, I name 'em."


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The cousins are joined by their lifelong friend, Erin, Tyler recounts the time he was in a car accident, Mikey has multiple personalities, then Erin orders a pizza, discusses female bodybuilders and a "Dark Angel."


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Kasey is joined by his lifelong friend, P.J., to discuss how they met, the power of riding a "Big Wheel", cross-eyed babies, "Madballs" and what they want to be when they grow up.


Episode Notes:

Kasey misidentifies Samuel L. Jackson's character in Star Wars as "Dooku" and not "Mace Windu."

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The cousins decide if they're turning into "Grumpy Old Men", do Australians need a "conceal and carry" for boomerangs, solve the enigma that is Michael Jackson, discuss if men can truly have female friends, and Mike Vick. "There's always something better you can do than try to engage in a one on one friendship with a female."


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The cousins kick off the show with some "get-a-grip loaf" then Kasey recounts questionable movies he saw as a child and Tyler goes on a date but meets someone else while he's there...


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