What Up, Cuz?

The cousins are torn between who they would haunt if they were ghosts, Mikey won't talk, Kasey gets (a) physical, The Adventures of Mark Twain and why "E.T." should have been entitled "Glowfinger." "You can't argue with a fat man about candy and try to win, son."


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The cousins "rally against being a piece of sh!t", and Kasey discusses writing a love letter by proxy.

This episode is dedicated to Brandon Straughn


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The cousins are joined by Mikey to read and respond to an email from "Catfish", what exactly does it mean to be "mentally deficient?", and Kasey opens Christmas presents in February!
"A sexy woman with a cute voice can do a lot of damage to a 16 year old man."


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The cousins bring in Mikey to defend his actions from the previous episode. Then, Mikey gets elbow deep in Tyler's poo and is subjected to a questionnaire that yields surprising results.



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