What Up, Cuz?

The cousins recall when Mikey smuggled a "meatloaf" and spend way too much time discussing a job interview only for one of them to discover why he was the "longshot."



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The cousins talk about Hobbits, Netflix, shamelessly promote their own website and reminisce about a time when it was okay to live next to open sewage.


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The cousins present their first holiday show! How dark was "Groundhog Day?", strange baby noises, and Tyler discusses past loves. And "The world needs more little guys."


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The cousins talk about eggs and introduce "Fuddy Bustin'" Then Kasey meets Kevin Smith and makes sweet love to Jason Mewes.


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The cousins discuss soda vs. cola, is "cutting" trendy?, mice, "Black Friday", is it better to be homeless in Hawaii?, and child(ish)hood beliefs.


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