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Welcome to "What Up, Cuz?" A podcast that dissects the minutia of the mundane and the triviality of the extraordinary. Two cousins, Kasey Williams and Tyler Williams, and their friend Joe, on separate journeys that intersect with each other, come together to discuss their respective past, present, and (hopefully) future...

Apr 27, 2014

Kasey is joined by his friend and student Matt to discuss; a banana phone, homosexuality in high school, Buttercup (the guinea pig), how Lincoln really died, milk cartons, and the sad tale of "Bobert."

Apr 6, 2014

Kasey, Tyler, and Mikey are "Back in the Saddle" to discuss; stuttering, did Walt Disney hate dogs?, Superman, sleep paralysis, lists, Thailand ladyboys, and did Drake truly start "from the bottom?"